Areas to Never Cup


Ensure that you not Cupping on - or near - an Artery.

In some areas of the body, the arteries are much closer to the skin and should

never be Cupped.

The areas to avoid are:

Front of Body

A.  Common Carotid Artery – located on each side of the neck


B.  Axillary Artery – located in the armpit


C.  Brachial Artery – located on the inside bend of the elbow


D.  Femoral Artery – located in the groin area or the inside fold of each leg at the pelvis


E.  Linea Alba – located at the connection of the muscles of the abdomen


H.  Temporal Region – avoid using strong suction in the temporal region as the Temporal Artery and facial nerves are in this area and are extremely delicate


Back of Body

F.  Popliteal Artery - located on the back side of the knee

G.  Kidneys – Cupping should be done minimally when directly over the kidneys

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