Telehealth Virtual Therapy

Online active therapy sessions for Members 

What is Telehealth Virtual Therapy?

The remote delivery of therapeutic interventions using electronic communication technologies is becoming increasingly popular, especially as a result of the 2020 pandemic.  The use of video technology enables increased access to therapeutic services for individuals living in rural and remote areas and also enables access to providers with unique skills regardless of where a patient or provider are physically located.  The use of telehealth virtual therapy provides an alternative to face-to-face treatments during times of closure or lockdown. 

These sessions can support you to continue your health journey in the comfort of your home and help decrease pain and stress during these challenging times.


Your online session will consist of a virtual assessment, movement exercises and assigned home-care to optimize your body and reduce your pain.  During virtual Telehealth appointments, there are limits to what your practitioner can do as telehealth virtual sessions create an obvious barrier to conducting assessment or treatment.  Observation and objective tests (self-performed) can be consolidated to give a reasonable treatment plan which can include self-management stretches, strength exercises, self-mobilization and other home strategies.

To Enhance Your Virtual Therapy Experience

  1. Have an Open Space (Private) - During your session, your practitioner may ask you to perform certain exercises and movements. Make sure there is enough room around you.  

  2. One-to-one service - Your therapist will go over your goals and create a personalized plan to help transition you out of pain, and optimize your body.  

  3. Laptop Requirements - When attending your online session, please use the latest updated Google Chrome or Safari browser to ensure a smooth session.

  4. Wear Comfortable Clothing - Your session will include movements and exercises.  Wearing comfortable clothing will allow you to move freely without restriction.

To get Started

In order to utilize our Telehealth services, you must first have a free member account set up.  To set up your member account, please click here.  Prior to your first appointment, you will be asked to first sign and submit our Consent to Use Electronic Communications to Provide Telehealth Services (link below).  Additionally, you may be required to complete an updated Health History Form and acknowledge consent to undergo assessment, evaluation or treatment.

Telehealth Virtual Therapy services are only available to those individuals who have joined the Global Cupping member community.  Click here to set up your FREE members account! 

Telehealth Service Options


About our Telehealth Virtual Services

How does a Virtual Appointment work?

For all virtual appointments, you and your therapist will discuss how you are feeling, and go over details of your case history. This is an opportunity for you to also discuss what your goals are, which will help the therapist create a personalized treatment plan. After a case history is taken, your therapist may ask you to perform certain movements to assess you. During the session, expect to do a series of exercises to further strengthen and create stability to progress you out of pain.

What should I wear to my appointment?

Please wear comfortable clothing that is suitable for movement and exercise.

Do you offer direct billing?

Not all insurance providers currently accept Telehealth billings and we are not able to offer direct billing to your extended health benefit plan.  Please call your insurance provider to confirm your coverage prior to making an appointment.  You will need to submit your Telehealth Receipt directly to your health benefit provider for reimbursement.

What equipment do I need to have?

You must have access to a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone with a camera and microphone enabled.  You will need to be able to access either Safari, Chrome or Firefox internet browsers in order for your virtual therapy session to be conducted.  

Are virtual appointments secure and safe to use?

Yes!  We are using which provides a secure service with end-to-end encryption and fulfills the requirements for both Canadian and American personal information protection.  There will not be a need for you to download any software or open any accounts.


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