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This large cup is made from the highest quality, medical-grade and platinum cured silicone on the market in a 60 hardness! Some people call these mushroom cups, accordion cups, pancake cups...we call them the Base Cups as they are the most popular silicone cupping massage cups used around the world. 


These cups are made from a medium hard, custom blended silicone compound created specifically for Global Cupping. Coming in at a 60 hardness level, this cup provides a medium level of suction, making them perfect for both dynamic / massage cupping treatments using a gliding/sliding technique as well as for static / stationary techniques. The 60 hardness level makes these cups perfect for professionals to use when incorporating a combination of massage cupping and stationary cupping and they also work incredibly well for cupping therapy at home!


The medium silicone level means that there will be a mid-level amount of suction, making them versatile for both your movement / massage based cupping techniques and your static / stationary techniques.


  • When the Large silicone cups are your 'go to' during treatment - no need to buy a whole set!
  • These cups are easier to control when using them for sliding/gliding dynamically as well as for static/stationary applications.


Measures 3.5" x 4.5"


Silicone Hardness - 60 degree hardness silicone. For a lower level of suction, check out our Large Base Cup in the 55 hardness level!


WH Large Base Cup - 60 Hardness

  • The Large Base Cup - 60 degree hardness works especially well for stationary/static techniques as well as gliding/sliding techniques.