We believe that everyone has the ability to manage their pain...


Do you ever experience pain in your back, shoulders, or legs? Does it sometimes feel like the pain and discomfort is never-ending?  Imagine if you could experience longer lasting relief and win back your body's natural mobility?


Introducing the Casa Collection Self Care Cupping Kit!


Getting rid of painful muscle tension is never easy but using silicone cupping sets can make a huge difference! This DIY cupping kit combines 4 of the most popular styles of silicone cups used by professionals to reduce tension, pain, and aches on even the stiffest body parts all from the comfort of your own home.


Alleviate your pain -  Cupping Therapy is known to alleviate the pain associated with conditions that create muscle aches and pains such as Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tendonitis, Sciatica, Plantar Fasciitis and Tennis Elbow.


Designed for comfort - Unlike other silicone cupping sets, our cups are made from a softer, custom blended, silicone material so they are easier to apply and to control the amount of suction on the skin. Our cups help make your self-care routine easy.


Convenient - Easily perform cupping therapy on yourself at home, at work or while on vacation to relax your muscles, decrease your pain, decrease indications of cellulite, and reduce inflammation.


Feel the results immediately - Feel the pain diminishing within minutes! We recommend that you start with approximately 3-5 minutes of cupping and gradually increase the length of time up to a maximum of 15 minutes.


Love it or your money back - if the Casa Collection has not satisfied you in any way, you will get a full refund within 90 days of your order. NO questions asked.


Order your Casa Collection now!


The Casa Collection contains a total of 12 silicone massage cups for all of your self-care needs:


The entire kit comes in a beautiful carrying case, making it easy to take with you anywhere!


Save 30% by ordering the complete Casa Collection as opposed to buying all of the sets separately!


Casa Collection Self Care Kit

  • The Casa Collection includes...

    1 set of 4 Base Cups:

    • 55 degree hardness/silicone grade
    • 1 Large Cup (3.5" x 4.5")
    • 1 Medium Cup (2" x 3.25")
    • 1 Small Cup (1.75" x 2.5")
    • 1 Extra-Small Cup (1.25" x 4.5")

    1 set of 4 Vitality Cups:

    • 55 degree hardness/silicone grade
    • All 4 cups are the same size 2.25" in diameter x 1" in height

    1 set of 2 Align Cups:

    • 55 degree hardness/silicone grade
    • 1 Large cup measures 2.6" in diameter
    • 1 Small cup measures 2.25" in diameter

    1 set of 2 Classic/Cellulite Cups:

    • 55 degree hardness/silicone grade
    • 1 Large Cup (3" x 3")
    • 1 Medium Cup (2.1" x 2.1")


    What does the hardness/silicone grade mean?  Check out our Blog Posting on Why Hardness Matters.



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