This silicone cupping massage cup set is made from the highest quality, medical-grade and platinum cured silicone on the market in a 60 hardness. Perfect for cupping therapy at home or in a professional clinic environment, these silicone cupping therapy massage cups are ideal for manual therapists who like to utilize static and dynamic cupping techniques!


Some people call these mushroom cups, accordion cups, pancake cups...we call them the Base Cups as they are the most widely used silicone cupping set and will become the set you reach for in all of your treatments!


This cup set is made from a medium hard, custom blended silicone compound created specifically for Global Cupping. Coming in at a 60 hardness level, this silicone cupping set provides a medium level of suction, making them perfect for both dynamic / massage cupping treatments using a gliding/sliding technique as well as for static / stationary techniques. The 60 hardness level makes these cups perfect for professionals to use when incorporating a combination of massage cupping and stationary cupping and they also work incredibly well for cupping therapy at home!


The medium silicone level means that there will be a mid-level amount of suction, making them versatile for both your movement / massage based cupping techniques and your static / stationary techniques. For a stronger level of suction, check out our Base Cupping set in the 65 hardness level!


  • This cupping set is easier to apply than most of the cups on the market so it is easier on your hands.
  • The custom blended silicone makes it is easier to adjust the amount of suction.
  • These cups are easier to control when using them for sliding/gliding dynamically as well as for static/stationary applications.


There are 4 cups in the set - 1 Large Cup (3.5" x 4.5"), 1 Medium Cup (2" x 3.25"), 1 Small Cup (1.75" x 2.5") and 1 Extra-Small Cup (1.25" x 4.5")

  • The Large sized cup works great on the back, hips, thighs and hamstrings.
  • The Medium sized cup works great on the calves and shoulders.
  • The Small sized cup works great on the arms and lower neck.
  • The Extra Small sized cup works great on small areas like the hands and feet.


Silicone Hardness - This set is a 60 degree hardness. For a softer silicone cupping set, please check out our 55 degree hardness set or if you're looking for a harder silicone cupping set that provides a higher level of suction, check out our 65 degree hardness set.


This product is also available for Cupping Wholesale purchases. With flexible options and low minimum order requirements, the Global Cupping Wholesale Program provides the most flexibility on the market when it comes to purchasing large quantities of silicone cupping sets!

Base Cupping Set - 60 Hardness

  • The Base Cupping Set - 60 degree hardness works especially well for gliding/sliding techniques and is a great set for intermediate users looking to utilize stationary/static techniques. These cups also work great for the Flash Cupping and Blanket Cupping techniques.


    To use, place the cup on the skin by squeezing or pressing on the cup to create the negative pressure required to create the seal - using a massage lotion or oil will assist in creating a proper seal.


    Once the cup is sealed to the skin, you can slide it back and forth (gliding/sliding technique) or leave it in place for several minutes to provide deep stimulation to the underlying tissue (stationary/static technique).