Product FAQ's

How are your cups different than others on the market?

Not all silicone cups are made equal...the majority of manufacturers use different silicone compounds when making their cupping products, which means that one set of cups from one company are not necessarily going to be the same as a set of cups from another company.

At Global Cupping we have firsthand relationships with our manufacturers, which enables us to ensure that our products are being made from the highest quality silicone compound available.  All of our silicone Cupping Therapy products are made from either medical-grade or food-grade, platinum-cured silicone.  What this ultimately means is that you can be completely assured that our products contain no fillers or by-products and that they will also have a remarkably high optical clarity to them.


Platinum-cured products tend to have a higher tensile and tear strength - meaning they will last longer - and are viewed as being the cleaner silicone, especially for healthcare applications that require the utmost purity and cleanliness of materials.

What "hardness" level are your cups?

Global Cupping offers all of our silicone Cupping sets in lower hardness level of 55A - which can feel quite 'soft' to seasoned Cupping Therapists.  We find that this silicone hardness level is optimal for the majority of Cupping techniques being performed by professionals in clinical applications as well as for self care / home care use.


Our Base Cupping Set and our Cellulite Cupping Set are also available in either a 60A (mid-range hardness) and 65A (higher hardness) for those who prefer to use static or stationary techniques where the higher hardness silicone works the best.