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Pro Cupping Tips!

Here are a few cupping tips from the pros for you to keep in mind while performing Cupping!

Cups Won't Suction / Pop Off

If your cups won't hold a suction to the skin very well, try using some massage lotion or oil on the skin first - this helps to create good contact between the cup and your skin. Never use olive oil with your cups as this may degrade the silicone.

Cleaning Your Cups

Always use hot water and liquid dish soap to clean your cups before rinsing and letting them air dry and then disinfecting. Never put your cups into boiling water or in the dishwasher as this may damage the integrity of the silicone.

Applying Your Cups

To apply the Global Cupping Base and Cellulite cupping sets, use your fingers to hold, or lift, the edge of the cup slightly as you press down. This will cause the air to release from the cup and form a good suction completely onto the skin.

  • Alternatively, you can squeeze the sides of the cup to form an oblong shape before pressing the cup to the skin. Release the cup and the silicone will attempt to bounce back to its original position, thereby creating the suction. You can control the amount of suction with how firmly you squeeze the cup.

To apply Global Cupping Align set, push down on the handle on the top of the cup and the suction will be created as it retreats to its outward position.

To apply the Global Cupping Vitality set, push down on the rounded top to create the suction. You can also squeeze the sides of the cup to create an oblong shape before placing the cup on the skin and releasing it. This will typically create a medium amount of suction.

  • For maximum suction, pull the sides of the cup down so that it basically flips inside out. Place the ‘inside’ rounded end of the cup against the skin and press down on the edges for it to ‘snap’ down into place. CAUTION: This amount of suction may be very uncomfortable for some people.

Removing Your Cups

When removing your cups, NEVER pull the cup directly off the skin as this may cause a breakage of the capillaries in the area and cause extensive bruising and/or potential tissue damage.

To release the suction of the cup, gently tilt the cup to the side and slide your fingertip between the skin and the rim of the cup to break the seal.