Cellulite Cupping


Cupping has become popular around the globe as one of the easiest and most effective ways to reduce cellulite.

Cupping Therapy - How to Cellulite Cup.j
Cupping Therapy - Cellulite Cupping.jpg

Studies have found that Cupping Therapy is an effective treatment for reducing the appearance of cellulite as it stimulates lymph drainage and micro circulation.


Researchers performed dynamic / massage cupping on healthy women twice a week for five (5) weeks. The results indicated that performing the therapy 10 times on each leg for this length of time was ‘efficient and safe for decreasing’ cellulite. 

When treating areas of cellulite:

  • always apply lotion or oil to the area first to help with the movement of the cups.  

  • Place the cup on the area to be treated, squeeze and release the cup using a light suction level.  

  • Slide/glide the cup using the dynamic / massage cupping technique over the area to be treated as outlined in the diagrams.

  • Continue this for 15 minutes and repeat three (3) times per week, eventually working your way up to daily sessions of 10 minutes long.  

  • To create the right amount of suction, do not push the cup down too hard. 

When starting out, your skin needs to become familiar with the treatment. We recommend using the larger cup when first starting out and then use the smaller cup for more refinement during your daily sessions.  If you find that it hurts, this means that there is too much suction, remove the cup and start over with less suction.