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Global Cupping was founded by a group of like-minded individuals - professionals dedicated to curating the absolute best Cupping Therapy products available and a customer-focused online shopping experience from start to finish.


We work harder to provide our customers with the most affordable Cupping Therapy products available on the market.  Our selection of products have been handpicked because they are the best of the best!

We are glad you're here and look forward to serving you!


Why Shop With Us?

Global Cupping Satisfaction Guarantee.

Committed to Quality

with a 90 Day Guarantee


Quality should never be a concern! With our firsthand relationships with our manufacturers, we are able to guarantee that our products will be free of manufacturing defects.  We are also able to ensure that all our products are made from either medical-grade or food-grade platinum-cured silicone with no byproducts or harmful additives. 

Cupping Therapy - Global Cupping is committed to our customers

Creating a True Partnership

with our customers


Your success = our success🙂 and our desire is to create a true partnership with our customers and not compete "against" them.  It is for this reason that we made the conscious decision NOT to put our company name or branding on any of our products.  This encourages your customers to contact you directly about Cupping!

Cupping Therapy - Global Cupping has flat rate international shipping around the globe

International Shipping

around the globe


At Global Cupping you never have to ask 'do you ship to my country?'...the answer is always YES.  Our global distribution network, international currency conversion, multi-lingual online store options and flat rate shipping ensures that we are able to efficiently and economically serve our diverse and international customer base.